April 1984
Communications Fiji Ltd launches bid for commercial radio license in Fiji.
July 5th 1985
FM96 launched. FM96 broadcasts a 'westernized' format aimed at the under 30 market in Fiji.
September 15th 1990
Navtarang was launched. Navtarang broadcasts in Hindustani and attracts 70% of the Fiji Indian market.
May 1994
NAU FM launched. NAU FM broadcasts similar type of format to FM96 and it rapidly goes to NUMBER 1.
November 1st 1996
Viti FM was launched. Viti FM is a Fijian language market aiming at a more traditional Fijian market.
February 24th 1997
YUMI FM launched. YUMI FM becomes PNG's first full-time Tok Pisin station and rapidly challenges Nau FM for the Number 1 spot.
November 1997
fijivillage.com launched.
December 2001
Communications Fiji Limited (CFM) listed as a Public Company on the South Pacific Stock Exchange.
July 1st 2002
Fijivillage became a subscriber based site
August 16th 2002
Legendfm launched. This broadcasts an older Western format, targeting an over 30 market. It acts as an older version of FM96.
March 31st 2004
Radio Sargam launched to provide a Hindustani community service broadcast station.
October 2005
Unwired Fiji launched.
April 16th 2010
CinemADs launched.
September 16th 2011
Legend FM Bikpla 101 launched.

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