The Spirit of Communications Fiji Ltd (CFL) 

"Unique" can be a cliché especially on a corporate website but Communications Fiji Ltd (CFL) born in rather "different" circumstances in 1985 and matured through turbulent times in Fiji and Papua New Guinea can justifiably claim the title.

To understand CFL you have to appreciate our history. Founder William Parkinson first got the radio bug when he joined the Government owned Radio Fiji after leaving school in 1979. After two years as a broadcasting cadet he left for University where while studying at the Australian National University he developed the idea of  launching Fiji's first private radio station.

The opportunity arose from an announcement made by the governing Alliance party in their 1982 election manifesto that promised to open up the private commercial radio market in Fiji. Few showed much initial interest until 1984 when a youthful William, (he was 23 at the time) returned home to Fiji after completing university studies and  teamed up with respected journalist and public relations consultant Matt Wilson to form Communications Fiji Ltd to bid for the first private commercial radio license.

Shortly after winning the license, they were joined by Mr Hari Punja, Fiji's largest home grown entrepreneur who took on the role of Chairman of CFL providing important experience and status to the young company. Twenty plus years on and the founders of CFL still remain the driving force behind the company's continued growth.

Key to CFL's success is the fact that it remains a company ready to innovate and take on new challenges. This means it is well equipped to adapt and adjust quickly to change, vital in young volatile markets like Fiji and Papua New Guinea. Since its inception it has faced disaster numerous times, both of the natural and man made variety, turning each into opportunities for growth through superb service and intimate knowledge of their communities.

Visitors to the homes of CFL and PNG FM at 231 Waimanu Rd in Suva or Section 57, Allotment 4-10, Building B (Unit #1), Ahuia Street, Gordons, National Capital District, Port Moresby regularly comment on the positive energetic atmosphere. This is the product of a company philosophy that provides everyone in the company, no matter what level, with real ownership and authority.  Everyone is a manager at CFL … managers of personal areas of responsibility, whether it be cleaning the studios, selling advertising or presenting exciting innovative radio.

CFL is owned and managed by Pacific Islanders. Resulting from this is a deep understanding and appreciation of the different cultures that make up our two home nations. This means multiple stations are able to run side by side each with very different personalities reflecting our incredibly diverse cultures. We have stations that broadcast in Hindustani servicing Fiji's Indo-Fijian population, stations that are more westernized aiming at urban markets in Papua New Guinea and Fiji, stations broadcasting in the I-Taukei language and Tok Pisin aimed at more grass roots indigenous populations. We believe there are very few private commercial broadcast operations that get anywhere close to our diversity, particularly in our part of the world.

Innovation is also at the heart of CFL's success. The company pioneered independent commercial radio in the region and with that introduced professional event marketing and management. CFL developed one of the regions first web based news portal websites

"We will always be a restless company excited by the introduction of new ideas and technologies. Whether building a new profit centre or improving on an old one, we constantly search for a better way", adds Executive Director, William Parkinson.

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