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Communications Fiji Ltd’s (CFM) first radio station was established in 1985. Since then the format of FM96 has narrowed focusing more and more on a core market of westernized listeners under 25 years. This group is very urbanized and largely based in Suva, Nadi and Lautoka.

FM96 has dominated this market since its inception concentrating on delivering the hottest music backed by a strong line up of on-air personalities and featuring heaps of FUN.

It has consistently been number 1 in this crucial market for many years and has an audience of around 15% of the total market.

The FM96 team is led by Tony Rahiman.

Legend FM

This station was developed in 2002 with the sole purpose of targeting a market who grew up listening to FM96 in the 80’s and 90’s but now have reached a time in their lives when the latest rap music is getting a little hard to handle.

Legendfm plays the hits of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, plus a smattering of current hits.

The station features a strong line up of more mature personalities and a very strong news presence.

Legendfm is managed by Alex Elbourne.

Viti FM

Launched in 1996, VITI FM is aimed at what Communications Fiji Ltd (CFM) calls the ‘traditional Fijian' market.

It is important to emphasize ‘traditional’ as this market doesn’t comprise all Fijians, much of the younger end of this group actually fall into the westernized market listening to FM96.

Led by VITI FM, Fijian language radio has undergone a revolution. In the past, Fijian radio tended to be deeply conservative and rather boring.

VITI FM introduced a format that featured fun personalities, great music, strong news and sports coverage and more recently vibrant talk back radio.

Combine this with a rapidly growing Fijian population and you will see why VITI FM is the fastest growing station in the market.

Number 1 overall for Fijian listeners by a margin of over 100%, the station has a daily audience of nearly 20% of the total market. Surveys show that traditional Fijian listeners spend a lot more time listening to radio than westernized markets, making radio a particularly effective marketing tool when targeting this market.

VITI FM is managed by Maikeli Radua.


Shortly after opening in 1989, Navtarang rapidly shot to number 1 in the critical traditional Indo-Fijian market and has remained there ever since.

The station is the heart and soul of this community.

Hindustani radio, like Fijian language radio, is unique in that it remains the main way in which Hindustani speakers receive information in their own language.

Hindi radio consumption is large featuring long periods of listening. Recently, Navtarang has moved to focus on a more music/personality based format strengthening its hold on the market.

Navtarang has consistently topped the ratings with about 26% of the total market and the team is led by Satya Nand.

Radio Sargam

Launched March 31st, 2004, Radio Sargam is formatted as a community station featuring programming aimed at the older more conservative end of the Indo-Fijian market and it rapidly captured this section of the market.

Radio Sargam is headed by Roneel Narayan.

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