Communications Fiji Ltd’s (CFM) subsidiary in Papua New Guinea, PNG FM, runs the country’s top radio stations; Nau FM (established in 1994) and Yumi FM (established 1997), plus the Total Event Company.

PNG FM’s third radio station Legend FM Bikpla 101 was launched on 16th September, 2011.

All three stations broadcast via a network of stations linked by satellite. PNG FM has sites in all major population centres, plus a range of smaller sites developed in partnership with provincial governments and major mining companies.

Low literacy rates, distribution problems and limited access to reliable electricity reduce the reach of print and television making radio the prime advertising medium in PNG.

PNG FM is a 33.3% shareholder in Paradise Cinemas Limited.

The company opened Papua New Guinea’s first multiplex theatre February 23rd 2012 in the Vision City Mall, Port Moresby.

PNG FM has also launched CinemADs PNG to handle the sale of cinema advertising for the theatres.

- Paradise Cinemas Limited PNG

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