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Take a stroll through the marketing section of Communications Fiji Ltd (CFM) and you will find our dynamic sales team working franticallly to make the cash registers of their clients ring. Their core philosophy ........ it is always about using the powerful marketing tools provided by CFM's market leading media products to sell the clients product!

The fact that CFM's stations each dominate their respective listening markets provides the team a great start but equally important is making sure that the right marketing tools are used.

This may seem obvious but Fiji is a market where people of distinctly different cultures live side by side and each community can  differ so greatly that they may be attracted to the same product for entirely different reasons.

This is where CFM's unique abillity to target each market with different radio stations, events or new media products, places it at a huge advantage over other forms of media. To press home this advantage, the dynamic CFM Marketing Team, headed by Director of Sales, Doris Southwick, also includes a 5 person copywriting and production team that prepare radio commercials in all three languages.

This service of copywriting and production of radio commercials is free (as long as material produced is used solely on CFM's stations).

CFM's radio stations combine the ability to deliver unparelled reach (the amount of listeners), plus because of the inexpensive nature of radio they can also deliver frequency (the amount of times a listener receives the message) to provide clients with marketing power that is unmatched in Fiji.

If that wasn't enough the CFM sales and marketing team also have at their disposal Fiji's premier events like Fiji Showcase, Tadra Kahani and the New Years Street Party (to name a few). Each offers a range of powerful marketing opportunities.

Then we have, CFM's gateway to thousands of ex Fiji residents spread all over the world, plus a rapidly growing group of Fiji based visitors.

The CFM Sales and Marketing team is also responsible for selling cinema advertising in Damodar Village cinemas, Fiji wide, giving clients other options of advertising their products, apart from the powerful marketing tools of CFM’s radio networks.

Finally, via CFM's partnership with Vodafone Fiji, we have the ability to design mobile phone based promotions.

All the above can be mixed and matched according to your marketing needs. Remember, we have only one objective, making your cash register ring!

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