Since our humble beginnings in 1985 with a single station, FM96, covering Fiji's capital city Suva, Communications Fiji Ltd (CFL) has gone on to launch a total of five radio stations that cover the  Fiji market.

Each station targets a specific sector of the community carefully profiled to maximise the reach of our networks.

The result... around 60% of the population tune into one of our radio stations on a daily basis. 

But that's not all!

CFL has developed a range of additional profit centres that both compliment and exploit the power of our radio networks.

One of these profit centres, the Total Event Company, was created to manage events promoted by the various stations. Over the last 20 plus years these events have grown into powerful brands themselves.

Our New Media division seeks via and mobile phone services to repackage material collected initially for the stations to create new profit centres. This is the fastest area of growth for CFL.

Driving all of this is CFL's marketing team that works to use the combined power of all these areas to promote our clients products and services.

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- Radio networks

- Total Event Company

- New Media

- Magic Screen

Marketing and Sales

- Market Overview

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